Soaking It In - Millinocket, Maine

Well the best laid plans often get impacted by weather. I now appreciate what visitors have gone through to get a look at New England foliage. I shot this photo a few weeks back on a trip with my son to northern Maine. The trip was for him to do some research for a novel he is writing. After completing his research, we headed up the Golden Road to soak in some foliage which, luckily for us, was peaking late. I took this shot of him taking in the view and taking an iPhone shot of Mount Kadahdin reflected in the Penobscot River. When we headed home to Connecticut, I was looking forward for the foliage to make its way south. Unfortunately, that is when the weather stepped in. We had a big Nor’easter this weekend with drenching rain and heavy wind which dramatically affected the dying leaves. I think the best of the color was adversely impacted here.