Soaring - Alaskan Range, Denali National Park, Alaska

The Alaskan Range is the highest mountain range in North America, running 400 miles through southern Alaska. The range actually follows the shape of the coastline to the south. The main attraction of the Alaskan Range is Denali National Park and its namesake mountain Denali (once named Mount McKinley), the highest mountain (over 20,000 feet above sea level) in North America. 

On our last cruise to Alaska, we elected to stay in a lodge near Talkeetna before heading to the national park. We had made arrangements for a eight-seat plane ride that would allow us to get up close and personal with Denali. When we took off from Talkeetna, it was raining, but as we began to soar above the Alaskan Range, the sun began to break through. While Denali was the star of the trip, the mountains below it aren't too shabby as can be seen in this photo.