Spiral - Hunting Island Lighthouse, South Carolina

Hunting Island Lighthouse, Hunting Island, South Carolina

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you know of my love for lighthouses. As soon as I start to plan a trip, one of the first things I do is to see if there is a lighthouse anywhere within driving distance. So when we planned a trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, last year, I found the Hunting Island Lighthouse was only an hour away. Located in a state park, it is the only publicly accessible lighthouse in South Carolina. For a minimal fee, visitors can climb the 167 steps (almost 140 feet) to the top. This photo shows the view from the bottom of the climb.

The lighthouse was originally built in 1859, but was destroyed during the Civil War. It was rebuilt in 1875. Due to severe beach erosion, it was relocated about 1 mile away from the original site, thanks to it's unique "segmented cast-iron" construction that allowed it to be moved in pieces. Although it is not operational today, when it was, the light could be seen from 17 miles away.