Spring in the Dolomites - San Vito di Cadore, Italy

As you might be able to tell from this photo, the title of this post is certainly tongue in cheek. When contemplating visiting the Dolomites in May, I checked the average temperatures for the region, and it seemed to be quite reasonable with an average low of 48° F and an average high of 73° F. When packing for the trip, I had to consider all of the places we would be staying, from Tuscany to Cinque Terre to the Dolomites to Venice. I was pretty sure I had packed properly. Tuscany and Cinque Terre were cooler than expected but not excessively. As the trip progressed, we started hearing that the Dolomites were experiencing the coldest and snowiest May in seventy years. While it was out of season for outdoor winter clothing, with the help of a guide, we found a store where we were able to get some warm clothing although the selection was limited. When we got to the Dolomites, it was clear that the new clothes would come in handy. On our last day we headed up toward Giau Pass, where we were to snowshoe to some terrific views. Unfortunately, we ended up hitting a significant snowstorm and had to ultimately turn around. On the way, we stopped to shoot this church, Church of San Giovanni Gualberto, where we shot some photos to record our visit to the Dolomites in the Spring.