Square Under Water - Venice, Italy

At the end of my trip to Italy this past spring, Mike Louthan and I decided to spend time in Venice before heading back home after three great weeks in Italy. We were lucky enough to be able to shoot with Nathaniel Smalley, who also stayed over in Venice. One night, we went out to shoot some night scenes, some of which I have already posted. Once the clock approached midnight, Mike and I headed toward our lodging, located just off of St. Mark’s Square. We got a bit lost but finally ended up at the far end of the square. As we began tp walk onto the square itself, we quickly discovered that half of it was under water by 4-5 inches. Turns out that it was a night with a full moon, which makes high tides rise to their full height. You guessed it, it was high tide when we entered the square. Our feet got soaked and when we got to this spot on the square, I had to stop and shoot this photo of the square with St. Mark’s Cathedral and Campanile on full display.