Steamy - Canary Terrace, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

I have been on a mission this summer going through my Lightroom catalog that contains over 65,000 photos that I have kept over the past ten years. The mission is to cull through the shots and identify those that I want to edit - my keepers so to speak. I always have had great intentions when I get back from a photo trip to do this but almost never fully do it. I tend to quickly scroll through the shots, identify ten photos to edit with the plan to go through them more fully. As you can guess, I almost never go back for that review. Until now. I am probably only through about a quarter of my photos and I hope to finish by year-end.  

One of the great things about doing this is to relive the moments when I shot theses photos, remembering the location, the light and weather conditions, who I was with, etc. I have come across some photos that seem to speak directly to me that say "Edit me now!" This was one of those photos. I took this shot back in 2013 after attending a photo tour in Grand Teton National Park with Jeff Clow (my first of many tours with him). I had planned after the tour to head to Yellowstone on my own and explore the park for a few days. I had been there many years before and I remembered that Mammoth Springs was one of my favorite stops, so I stayed a couple of nights there to really explore. The first morning before sunrise, I headed up to the Upper Terrace Loop Drive and stopped at a few spots on the loop. One of them was this one at Canary Terrace. I was the only one there and the rising sun was lighting up the rocks and the steam from the hot springs below perfectly.