Steeples - Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany

One of the advantages of taking a river cruise is that you get to stop in the middle of cities and be close to everything. Most ocean cruises dock outside of a city (usually in a not so pretty place) and bus or tender you in. When we stopped in Cologne, we were within walking distance of all of the sights. One of the tours that we did was to visit the beautiful Cologne Cathedral, a few mere blocks from the boat. We ate lunch at a great beer house and then explored more points of interest. Our wandering was cut short because of rain, so we headed back to the boat. I had planned to go back out into the city after dinner, but it was still raining on and off. I decided to go to the upper deck of the boat with my tripod and hoped that the movement of the boat would not hamper some long exposure night shots. They didn't. This is a photo of the steeples of the Cathedral that night.