Steptoe View - Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington

The first three weeks of June was the start of a terrific photographic journey for me. First stop was the Palouse for a week, followed by a trip to Banff National Park, then followed by a trip to Jasper National Park. I got off to a great start at, where else, but Steptoe Butte. While the Palouse has many locations that show the beautiful rolling landscape of the fertile farmland, there is no mistaking the shots taken from the top of the butte. The butte towers over 3,600 feet above the farmland below and offers 360-degree vistas. Shooting there can be overwhelming if you shoot with a wide to mid-range lens, as the many details get lost in the overall scene. I find the most effective shots are with a long lens where you can take a close look at the undulations, details and shadows. It is no wonder that the Palouse is often compared to Tuscany.