Stretching a Neck - Cape May, New Jersey

Bunker Pond, Cape May, New Jersey

There are times when we photographers go out to shoot and we are almost sure that we won't get anything worthwhile. This past summer, I headed to Cape May to stay at my sister-in-law's beach home. The main reason for the trip was to take my nephew Michael out to shoot. Michael has developed a quick passion for photography and is in the beginning of what I think will be a life-long love. Of course, the best laid plans don't always work out. It rained pretty much the whole weekend we were there. On Saturday afternoon, the rain stopped for a short while, and Michael, his dad and I headed to Cape May Light. Once we got there, it was clear there was nothing I was going to like, given the weather. We decided to walk to Bunker Pond, adjacent to the Light, and we spotted this swan and we shot away. It started raining and we headed back home with one more photo that I thought I would get.