Strolling the Canal - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Walking around Amsterdam for me is a head turner. Everywhere I turn there seems to be another canal leading somewhere else. You can easily spend days, maybe weeks, exploring each of the 165 canals in the city. Connecting these canals are small bridges, lots and lots of bridges. In fact, there are almost 1,300 bridges in Amsterdam, almost three times the number in Venice. I find that mind-boggling. Then there are the houseboats where many residents live, almost 2,500 of them. Most of them are residential, and, as you pass them by, they are unique from one another (you can see one in the left center of this photo. Then there are the bikes. It seems that there is almost one per person (600,000 bikes vs. 750,000 residents). I could go on an on about the city. Needless to say, Amsterdam fascinates me like most cities in Europe do. I don't know exactly where I took this photo, but it is very indicative of any canal.