Sun Kissed

Castle Valley, Colorado River Scenic Byway, Moab, Utah

Just back from a week-long shooting tour in the Moab, Utah, area. This was taken on the first morning along the Colorado River Scenic Byway (aka the River Road) near Castle Valley. With all of the attractions in the Moab area, visitors don't always get time to visit this great road, and it really is a shame, because it is quite beautiful. The morning was quite cold in the low-to-mid twenties, with a little wind, but  it was well worth shooting then. We were primarily shooting the Priest and the Nuns formation as well as the Castle Tower, but, when I turned around to see what was behind me, I noticed the sunrise touching the tips of the buttes.

This image was taken with the new Sony A7 that I purchased, using its panorama mode. This trip was my first extended shoot with this camera, and overall I was quite impressed with it's performance. I wasn't sure how the first full-frame mirrorless would perform, and it has a couple of things that need to be improved upon (battery life and lack of a wide-angle lens being the main issues), but it could end up being my main camera body down the road.