Sunlit - Stone Mill, Lawrence, Massachusetts

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join fellow photographers and friends Bob Lussier and Steven Perlmutter on their Light Painting Workshop at Stone Mill. I posted a photo of an Urbex subject early this week and, while this is not quite the abandoned property that defines Urbex, it is still a slice of history of days long past. Bob was kind enough to take Mark Garbowski and me to the mill before the tour, and we were able to get some images during the daylight hours.

The mill was built in 1846 and was one of oldest mill buildings in Lawrence, and one of the only mills built out of stone. Over the years the mill was a small cog in the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing locomotives and fire engines. The mill was purchased in 1981 by a local family, and today some of the floors are used for commercial businesses. There are still some abandoned floors like the one pictured here. Even though it wasn't very sunny, the light coming through some of the windows without the decayed shades was enough to attract my attention.