Teton Worship - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Chapel of the Transfiguration, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

When one thinks of our national parks, the last thing that they think of are places of worship. If you think about it, what better places to build them than in front of the Earth's most beautiful sites?  There are two that are in Grand Teton National Park, and this one, the Chapel of the Transfiguration, has the best view of the Tetons. Built in 1925 before the establishment of the national park, this Episcopalian chapel has a view of the Cathedral Group of peaks from both inside and outside the chapel.  It was originally built to serve the many dude ranches that were located in the area. 

I shot this one evening when the soft light was on full display. This is probably a much better sunrise location, but with the many other stellar sunrise locations, it didn't make my early morning cut. If I were able to spend a longer visit to the park, it would make my sunrise list of locations to shoot.