The Boat Workshop

Maine Maritime Museum,  Bath, Maine

Sometimes when you plan a vacation or photography trip, you are always at the mercy of one uncontrollable event: weather. We were spending a week in Maine with friends and we were headed from Camden to Newcastle. We had hoped to spend most of the day taking in the scenery and atmosphere of the Boothbay Peninsula. The weather forecast was for a constant rain all day. So what to do when this happens? Visit a museum to take in the history of the area. This led us to the the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. Being on the east coast of the United States, boatbuilding was a key industry in the economic history of the state. The museum has many exhibits throughout the main building and also has many outbuildings where the boats were (and still are) built. One of the cooler outbuildings was the boat workshop. All of the old tools were on display as well as boats that were built there. I took this shot of the workshop wall with the windows overlooking the river outside. Since tripods were not allowed in the museum, I shot a 7-shot hand held bracket.