The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Having spent my career in a corporate job, I was able to travel to places that I had never visited before, and I was fortunate to stay in some fine hotels. Unfortunately, I wasn't into photography on many of those trips and so I don't have anything to show for them except memories. Whenever I now travel (on my dime), I check out some of the places that my friends traveled to on their business trips that I was unable to go to myself. One of those places was the Broadmoor Resort and Hotel in Colorado Springs.

My friends and I wanted to check out the grounds of this resort as we were in the area, and, I must say, that we spent a nice afternoon wandering the spacious and gorgeous grounds. On our walk around the back lagoon, I stopped to take in the back of the resort and composed this shot. It is quite the idyllic scene and I wish that I  still had my previous companies paying for a stay there.