The Charleston Hat Man

Church and Broad Streets, Charleston, South Carolina

When we were in Charleston, South Carolina, last April, we wanted to get a sense of the history and feel of this small southern city. To achieve that, we signed up for a horse-drawn carriage tour. This is a very quaint and enjoyable ride, where one can see the architecture and history that is prominent in the city. Of course, I had my camera with me, but it was quite the challenge to get any decent shots, especially on some of the cobblestone streets. Near the end of the tour, I spotted this mural of the Charleston Hat Man, and was able to get a decent shot of it (thank God for Content Aware that enabled me to make a light post disappear). 

Apparently, this mural was first painted on the wall in 1892 to advertise a local haberdashery. I don't think the establishment still exists but it looks like someone must maintain it. It is quite the unusual mural. If you look closely, its nose, eyes, ears and mouth are actually made of hats.