The Eye - Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Utah / Arizona Border

The formations in Monument Valley are second to none when looking for great southwestern scenes. Many people who have never been there have actually seen these amazing formations, as they have appeared in numerous movies and countless television commercials. Once you see these formations with your own eyes, I guarantee that you will recognize them every time you see one of those commercials or movies. 

Most of the more famous formations can be seen by paying the admission fee to the Navajo Tribal Park and driving the 17-mile dirt road. The admission is good for the day and I would recommend visiting in the early morning hours and returning for the late evening. The colors of the formations are amazing during these times as they begin to glow.  I would recommend a 4-wheel drive, but it is not mandatory. To see the other formations in the park, you must hire a Navajo guide who will be able to take you off of the road. The formation in this photo is known as "The Eye" and can only be seen off of the main road.