The Grey Man in Acadia - Acadia National Park, Maine

Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park, Maine

What is the first thing that people think of when Acadia National Park is mentioned? I will bet that the rugged rocky coastline is number one, followed by the view of Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain. Most visitors to the park don't realize that there is a hidden attraction that should not be missed, namely the Carriage Roads.

The intricate  57 miles of Carriage Roads were financed by John D. Rockefeller Jr. over a period of 27 years, ending in 1940. The roads were designed for the use of horse-drawn carriages, but are also quite popular with hikers and bikers. All motor vehicles are prohibited on the roads.

This shot was taken of a very small section of the carriage road near Eagle Lake. I waited to have all of the hikers and bikers clear the road and thought I had. When I started editing the photo, I noticed that fellow nXnwer Mark Garbowski was in the shot. Mark is a terrific photographer and blogger and you can check out his work at I titled this post after Mark's running series of photos featuring the Grey Man.