The Little Missouri

Oxbow Overlook, Little Missouri River, Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Division, North Dakota

On our cross country drive from Oregon to Connecticut, we tried to visit as many National Parks and Monuments as we could along the way (thank God that we missed the closures that were forced by our idiots in Washington). When we hit Badlands in South Dakota, our initial plan was to continue to head east. Greg has a bucket list item to visit all 50 states and was championing for heading to North Dakota even though it was 6-8 hours out of the way. After doing some research, I discovered that there was a national park there that I had never heard of, namely Theodore Roosevelt National Park, located in the North Dakota Badlands.. That sealed the deal for me and off we went.

 Theodore Roosevelt National Park is made up of three main divisions: the South Division (right next to Madora), Elk Horn Ranch (about 35 miles north), and the North Division (about 80 miles north). We didn't have time to visit all three so we skipped Elk Horn as it had a lot of unpaved roads. 

I really enjoyed what we saw of this park. The scenery was a bit different than what we experienced in the Badlands of South Dakota. The landscape was not quite as harsh as its cousin to the south but beautiful nonetheless. This view is from Oxbow Overlook in the North Division, showing an oxbow bend in the muddy Little Missouri River.