The Man in the Ceiling - Saint Lawrence Cathedral, Trogir, Croatia

I came across this photo recently that I took way back in 2008. We were on a Mediterranean cruise and one of the ports that we stopped in was Trogir, Croatia. One of the main attractions there was Saint Lawrence Cathedral, the tallest building in the city. Construction started in the year 1213 and wasn't finished until the 17th century, with Romanesque and Gothic architectural characteristics. The cathedral is stock full with some amazing sculptures, many of which are over 800 years old. There are so many of them that you could spend days and not give them the justice they deserved. This photo is a close-up of the ceiling that I took while bending over backwards shooting straight up. This depiction of God looking down actually sticks out from the ceiling more than it looks here. The full ceiling surrounding the statue of God is of angels--only four of them are shown in the photo. I am guessing that there may be hundreds of them in the whole ceiling. It was quite compelling and grabbed my eye immediately.