The Monument

Independence Monument, Colorado National Monument, Fruita, Colorado

Flying into Moab from Hartford can be quite the challenge, as the Moab airport is open only at daylight, and there are not that many flights that land there. As a result, I decided to fly to Grand Junction and drive to Moab (about a 1.7 hour drive), to make sure I didn't have any plane connection issues. I had an ulterior motive in doing this, in that I wanted to be able to shoot the wonderful Colorado National Monument right outside of Grand Junction.

The first time that I visited there was in the 90s, and I took a similar photo of Independence Monument, which became a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, I wasn't into photography then, and all I had was a point and shoot camera with me. When I got back into photography, I put this place on the bucket list to shoot near sunset to recapture the memory. I had been back there several times since, but I was with non-photographer friends, and it always seemed to be in mid-day. This trip, I hoped to be able to get a great sunset shot.

When I landed in Grand Junction in the afternoon, the weather was overcast and quite gloomy. I thought that I would again miss my opportunity. As the day progressed, the weather didn't improve, but I hopped into the rental car to scout out the area for shooting at sunrise the next day. By the time I got to park, the skies started to clear to the west, and I was able to check the photo off of the list. I got lucky, as I was able to capture the dark clouds in the distance heading east, with beautiful cumulus clouds taking their place.