The Narrows - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

I occasionally look at older photos that I have shot in the past to see if the editing software and my editing skills can make an okay shot a good one. This is one of my favorite locations in Yellowstone National Park. It is known as the Narrows and is located in the northeastern part of the park on the way to Tower Junction. It is the part of the park that is not visited as much by vacationers and tour uses. This is the only decent shot of this that I took way back in 2004 and it had a lot of haze in it. When I came across it last week, I wondered how Lightroom's new DeHaze feature would work on it. The fact that it was shot with a Nikon D100 and was a JPG file gave me pause, but what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

As I hope you can see, it worked out quite well. Much better than I expected. The DeHaze slider worked like a charm, and with some styling done with OnOne's Perfect Effects, I took a photo from never to be seen by anyone to a photo that I don't mind showing others. Lesson to be learned: don't get rid of those okay photos because you might be able to transform them down the road.