The Spectacles

Arches National Park, Utah

The southwestern region of the US is home to the largest concentration of national parks, national monuments, state parks and scenic roads. The area known as the Grand Circle includes five states (Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada). Nowhere else in the country has the diversity and colors of the landscape. It seems like everyone who visits there has a favorite spot, and it is hard to argue with any choice. My two favorites are Arches National Park and Monument Valley.

The formations in Arches all have their own names. This one is comprised of two "windows", the North Window and the South Window. These openings in the formation are huge, as a person standing at the bottom of one would be a mere speck in the photo. Many visitors go to visit each window separately but unless you look at it from the side, they don't realize that the whole formation takes the form of eyeglasses, resulting in the name of "The Spectacles".