Thor's Well - Cape Perpetua, Oregon

On the Oregon Coast there is a location that has been my nemesis for a long time. I have been by this location more than ten times and have been shut out from capturing it. It is an iconic photo location, but it cannot be seen or found when the tide is fully in. Turns out, that in all of my visits to Thor’s Well, the tide was in. This past June, I finally got to shoot this spot, known as either a gaping sinkhole, drainpipe of the Pacific, or the gateway to hell. Turns out it is none of those things. What looks like a sinkhole is nothing of the kind. It is actually a sea cave that was likely created by the relentless waves eroding the rock over time. Eventually, the roof of the sea cave collapsed, creating the circular hole that can be seen when the tide is right. Before I witnessed the well, I thought the many photos of it that I have seen were caused by the water splashing over the top of the roof into the sea cave. Turns out, it is caused by the waves rushing into the sea cave and then exploding through the roof to cover the surrounding rock. As the water on the rock falls back into the sea cave, the above look is created. Such is Thor’s Well. My next goal is to capture it at sunset with great foreboding red clouds.