Thunder Hole View - Acadia National Park, Maine

Normally, if I was standing at the bottom of the stairs next to Thunder Hole, I would be surrounded by tons of people vying for views of this popular stop in Acadia. Of course, when you arrive to witness the sunrise that begins when the sun peeks above the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon, the majority of visitors are still in their beds. It also helps that the main reason people flock to this place was not on display. This attraction gets its name from the loud thunderous sound when the tide is coming in and the right size wave hits a small inlet. Water typically sprays very high and wets the many people waiting for the sound. If the tide was in and the ocean cooperative, I wouldn't have been able to stand in this spot, as I and my camera equipment would be totally soaked. 

This composition shows part of the Thunder Hole's surrounding rock wall on the right and Otter Cliff in the distance. Between these two point, the famous rocky and rugged Maine Coast is on display.