Totem - Monument Valley, Navajo Reservation, Utah/Arizona Border

Is it possible to have ten number one locations? I think it is possible depending on what day you ask. Monument Valley, located on an Indian Reservation, is certainly my favorite southwestern location. The Navajo name for the valley is Tsé Bii’ Ndzisgaii meaning "Valley of the Rocks". The structures in this image "Yei Bi Chei" on the right and "Totem Pole" on the left hold deep spiritual meaning for the Navajo. “Yei Bi Chei” means Navajo spiritual gods and is viewed as a formation of dancers emerging from a Hogan.  

To get this shot, one needs to hire a Navajo guide that will take you off of the 17 mile drive that you can do without one. I am planning to revisit this spiritual place next March.