Towering Aspens - Telluride, Colorado

One of the more memorable memories from my photo tour with Rick Louie was traveling up a one-lane, narrow dirt road that started behind the Double RL Ranch near Ridgway, Colorado. The road was very muddy, and we encountered some tough stretches trying to maneuver past cars coming the other way. If not for the expert driving of Chris Nitz, we would have had to drive back down in reverse. Near the end of the road, we hadn't found anything worth shooting, and, right when we were ready to turn back, we came to a clearing where Mt Sneffels could be seen. There were lots of high fives, and we spent hours there.

Not only did we have the mountain in front of us, behind us was this great stand of Aspens. I ventured into the grove and up a trail. I couldn't help myself, and shot off a few frames looking up at the aspen treetops.