Trailer Park View - Canmore, Alberta

The Three Sisters, Canmore, Alberta

Yesterday, I had a little fun at Jeff Clow's expense, and today I mean to make up for it. I have known Jeff online since 2007, when I joined Flickr. He is quite the photographer and has quite a few followers there (and on other social media) and rightly so - his photography is superb. I knew he ran a photo tour business and I finally signed up for one of his tours last July. To say the experience was great would be an understatement (I have been on two more since). Jeff has a way of engaging all of the tour participants, no matter what level of skill, and makes them feel comfortable. At the end of the tour, I headed out to Yellowstone National Park on my own, while Jeff had a second tour in Grand Teton National Park. At the end of my visit to Yellowstone, I headed back to Jackson and just happened to run into Jeff at the hotel. He had just finished his second tour, and he was talking to the hotel clerk, who told him that there were eagles sighted about a half hour south of Jackson. Without pause, Jeff turned to me as I was checking in and said, "Hey, do you want to join me?" Of course I said yes and off we went exploring. During the rest of the afternoon and evening we bonded. I found out a lot about him and he found out a lot about me. It was a great experience. The one thing I learned about Jeff is that he is quite curious and is always looking for new locations for he and his clients to shoot. Suffice to say, I highly recommend Jeff's photo tours. To access his tours click on this link.

This brings me to today's photo. Jeff had stayed in Canmore the day prior to me arriving in Banff. There is not much in Canmore except for the mountains known as the Three Sisters. Of course, he spent some time in Canmore trying to find a place to photograph it at its best. Fast forward to our last evening together. We were planning to shoot around the town of Banff, but the weather was quite threatening with dark clouds looming. He suggested that we head south to Canmore and maybe get a few shots of the Three Sisters before the storm hit. As we were driving in town, he abruptly made a right turn, and we found ourselves in the middle of this big trailer park. It is this kind of curiosity that I love about Jeff.  After passing a number of big trailers with no decent view of the mountains, we decided to look elsewhere. Just as we were leaving, we spotted an opening. It might have been just an empty lot, but when we got out of the car, this was the scene ahead of us. Had I not told this story, you wouldn't have known that there was this trailer park and storm clouds behind us by looking at this photo. Please keep our secret, okay?