Tribute - 9/11 Memorial, Manhattan, New York

Today is a sad day for America as we remember the horrific attack on the World Trade Center buildings in New York. For those of us who frequented the area during our lives, it is a somber remembrance of what was. I commuted through the Twin Towers once a week for five years. The Path train from Newark dropped commuters off at the base of the World Trade Center and we all took the escalators on our way out to the streets. I was lucky in that I had changed jobs ten years before the attack and had moved to Connecticut. 

It took me thirteen years after the attack to finally revisit the area. The 9/11 Memorial, pictured here, is moving and brought tears to my eyes. The Memorial consists of two twin reflecting pools that were built on the site where the towers stood. The manmade waterfalls trickle over the edges of the outside walls. It seems almost unreal that the center of the pools is where millions of commuters like me once hurried past to our jobs in the city. It is a very moving tribute to the victims and a reminder that we should never allow this to happen again.