Tuscan Morning - San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

Landscape photographers can control a lot of factors when planning a shoot, but one thing they can’t control is the weather. We had visited this beautiful landscape location known as the Villa (not pictured in this photo) a couple days before and were completely shut out. No rain, but rather, colorless overcast skies. Not conducive to getting that great early morning light. We spent several hours hoping for the best and ended up shooting some flowers. I was hoping that we would return to the location but it wasn’t on the schedule. Fortunately, we somehow got it back on the schedule and headed back out a couple of days later. When we first got there, it looked like a total repeat of the previous visit. Overcast skies prevailed. We decided to wait it out and hope against hope that we would get some clearing. The landscape gods were smiling upon us and the sun began to light up this Tuscan gem of a location.