Utah Color - Colorado River Scenic Byway, Moab, Utah

One of the classic scenic byways in the southwestern US is the Colorado River Scenic Byway. Also known as the River Road or Route 128, it follows the twists and turns of the mighty Colorado River for 44 miles, from the town of Moab to Interstate 70 just west of Grand Junction, Colorado. Along the way are some of the prettiest landscapes and rock formations that you will find. From the road, especially in the early morning light and late evening light, the orange sandstone takes on this wonderful glow that is accentuated by deep blue skies. Despite is beauty, it remains a relatively unexplored destination when compared to the other main attractions of the area, namely Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. That is a shame, as it can hold its own with them.

This particular section of the road is known as Professor Valley. It reminds me very much of Monument Valley, three hours to the south. It's beauty is so captivating that is has been the backdrop for many western movies and can also be seen in many television commercials.