Victoria Glacier - Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta

Lake Louise is perhaps the most visited and photographed lake in Banff National Park. The number of tour buses and tourists that frequent there is staggering. The best time to shoot the lake with the Victoria Glacier reflected in it is at sunrise, That is also the time when there are the least amount of people around. An expensive way to make sure you get there at dawn is to stay at the Chateau Lake Louise that sits on the shore of the lake (a room in August with set you back $779 Canadian per night). I actually stayed in the Chateau in 2006 for a splurge (I got a bargain at $700 Canadian per night). Back then, I was able to get up right before dawn and walk to the shore and take photos with virtually no one there. 

This trip was different. We left the town of Banff at 4:30am to make the 45 minute drive to Lake Louise. Much to my surprise, the lake was busy compared to my 2006 visit. At 5:15am, the boat house was open and at least ten canoes were already on the lake. Hard to believe. In any case, it was still sparser than it would be at 9:00am, when you wouldn't be able to move without bumping into someone.