Waiting - Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana

Waiting for sunrise takes a lot of patience for me. I am not known as the most patient person in the world, so setting up a composition and standing there for a long time can be challenging. When I begin to feel impatient, I take a deep breath to relax and realize that I am standing in front of a beautiful landscape that I should absorb. There is a silence and tranquility present that soothes your soul if you let it in. I realize that many people would trade places with me in a heartbeat. These thoughts help me relax and results in a better photograph.

As I re-examine the scene, I see the blue and purple hues of the civil twilight coming through. I also notice that the light from the sky, coupled with light from a nearby building, is giving the top of the boats a subtle glow. Checking my settings, I take the photo and, because of the lack of light, the shutter stays on for 30 seconds. This causes two thing that I love. First, the ever present boat moored away from the dock takes on a ghostly look. Second, I see the red tail lights of a couple of cars in the distance that adds a bit of interest above the boats. I wish I had planned that but I will take it.