Waiting for the Ferry to Sausalito

Ferry Building, San Francisco,California

I am a very big fan of San Francisco. I first visited there in 1981 when my brother Bob went out west. One of my old friends had moved to San Francisco and we stayed with him and his wife for a few days. They took us on the ferry to Sausalito for a wonderful brunch on the water. As a result, every time I visit I try to make it there to relive the wonderful memory. This photo was taken last July while we were waiting for the ferry to depart. We were eating our "Salumi Cone" (believe it or not it is a meat cone) from Boccalone, I noticed the atrium ceiling and the nice light and shot off a quick hand-held HDR sequence. The Ferry Building has been renovated to it's former glory.

For those of you who are not familiar with Boccalone, it is owned by Chris Cosentino who is featured on a number of shows on the Food Channel. The "Salumi Cone" was also featured on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" television show.