Waterton Reflections

Lower Waterton Lake, Waterton National Park, Waterton, Alberta

At the border of Montana and Alberta is a terrific little Canadian National Park that sometimes flies under the radar of travelers. This is probably due to the fact that it is adjacent to Glacier National Park. In fact, I am sure that most people have never heard of Waterton Lakes National Park, and may even be surprised that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known or unknown, it is a photographer's paradise, with the magnificent Rocky Mountains and beautiful lakes.

The biggest lake is known as Waterton Lake, and is actually two lakes that are referred to as Upper Waterton Lake and Lower Waterton Lake. The two lakes are connected by a channel. One would think that Upper Waterton Lake would be north of Lower Waterton lake, but they would be wrong. The lower lake lies fully in Alberta, while the upper lake extends south into Glacier. Regardless of the naming convention used, the lakes act as a wonderful foreground to the rugged Rockies, as can been seen in this photo of Upper Waterton Lake.