We Are Off to See The Wizard - Part 1

Snooze Café, 2262 Larimer St, Denver, Colorado

Walking around the city of Denver this month was really a neat experience. I hadn't been downtown in almost 20 years and was amazed with all of the construction that was going on. Almost every area that we visited in the city was vibrant and had something to do and see. The area surrounding Coors Field was quite different than I remember.

There were murals everywhere that were very cool, especially this one of Dorothy and her friends from the Wizard of Oz. It was one of the most colorful and interesting murals that I have seen in a while. The mural was tucked away behind a very narrow outside food bar at the Snooze Café. The only way to take a full shot of the mural was from across the street. Unfortunately, with the trees, fencing, chairs and benches, it is hard to get a clean shot of it (I know I tried). I was determined to get a decent shot of the mural and decided to capture it in two photos. This is the left side of the mural. Tomorrow, I will post the right side.  The mural is located at 2262 Larimer Street.