Weber House Revisited - Colton, Washington

One of the most famous abandoned farmhouses in the Palouse is known as the Weber House, a little north of Pullman. The house is situated on private land but you cannot really get close to the house and need to shoot it from afar like I did in this photo. The house attracts tons of photographers and the majority of them obey the owner's signage and ropes that dictate how close you can get to the house. Of course, a very small minority of photographers are willing to do anything to get "the shot". I have heard that someone actually posted photos taken from inside the house. In any case, our group was on their best behavior while shooting the house. Toward the end of our shoot, a truck approached us and the husband questioned us on how we were doing. Turns out that they are the owners of the house (the wife is a descendant of the Weber family) and they can actually see Weber House from their home. They spent at least a half hour telling us all about the house, their crops and their business. The were the friendliest people that you will ever meet, and would like for visitors and photographers to continue to visit the house. They said that a very small number of photographers have ignored the signs and that the majority are the "good" photographers. All in all, it was a great night learning about the history of what we were shooting.