When the Shadow of the Grasshopper

San Francisco, California

Last summer, my son and I visited San Francisco for a few days. My son is a writer and musician and he always wants to visit the haunts  that his favorite author, Jack Kerouac, frequented. One of Kerouac's favorite places to hang out and drink was Vesuvio Cafe, located in Chinatown, just next to one of the most famous bookstores, City Lights. Kerouac spent so much time there that the alley between the two businesses is named after him. Vesuvio Cafe was frequented by Beat Generation celebrities, as well as other notable cultural figures such as Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan and Francis Ford Coppola.

Of course, we had to head into the bar for a drink. Afterwards, I spent some time in the alley shooting photos of all of the murals and pavers that are on display. This image on Vesuvio's wall was my favorite mural.