Where the Buffalo Roam

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

I know I said that I was going to take a rest posting images from Wyoming but as you can see in today's blog post, I have not been able to do so. When visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, the wildlife that you are almost always guaranteed of seeing are buffalo. They can be spotted grazing just about anywhere and are often either crossing the road or walking down the middle of the road. Most of the time they are in large herds, so when one crosses the road, they all do. When you see your first buffalo, you are fascinated and immediately want to photograph them. By the end of the week, you don't even stop anymore. 

Occasionally, you will see one where you don't expect them, such as wandering through the cars in a hotel parking lot. Other times, you will be lucky enough to see a buffalo calf alone with it's mother in front of the Tetons around sunrise. As you can see, I was lucky to spot these two one morning.