Winter Escape - Vero Beach, Florida

It has only been a week home from Florida and I sure miss it. The trip was not a photo trip but rather a vacation, and circumstances worked out that I took even less photos than I had planned. There were a couple of reasons for this. We stayed in Vero Beach and had lots of great recommendations from friends, especially Michael Pancier. My only photo restriction (more self imposed) was that I would keep any serious shooting to sunrise and get back for breakfast with my wife and friends. I had never been to Vero Beach, and most of the locations were about 90 minutes from where I stayed. With sunrise after 7:00 am, it was impossible to get to them and get back in time for breakfast. The other reason for the lack of photos at sunrise was weather driven. It was quite cold, windy and cloudy (at least measured by Florida standards) most mornings, and there weren't many sunrises to be had.

This shot was taken right outside our resort in Vero Beach the first morning of our stay. Little did I know this was going to be the best morning of our two-week stay. That being said, it was still way better than spending it in New England, where the overnight temperature reached (I should say plummeted) to -14 degrees with a -31 degrees wind chill.