Working the Fields - LaCrosse, Washington

I am headed to Eastern Washington State tomorrow to co-host a Jeff Clow Photo Tour in the Palouse. If you are a landscape photographer, you probably have seen many awesome photos of the rolling fertile farmland and crops. The Palouse is not a vacation destination by any means and the majority of people living there are farmers that work extremely hard in cultivating their crops while making their livelihood. Every May and June, hoards of photographers show up to take photos of the handiwork. Most of these photographers respect the property rights and privacy of these hard working people. A small minority do not and will do anything to get "the shot". Like everything else in life, these selfish people give photographers a bad name. So, if you are headed to the Palouse, please respect the rights of the farmers who live there and realize that we are fortunate to be allowed there to photograph. This photo was taken a few years ago in June showing a farmer making the land ready for the next planting.