Yellowstone Reflections - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone is so big (3,472 square miles) that it is almost impossible to see the whole park in just a few days. Unfortunately, that was all of the time that I had to spend there. My plan of attack was to stay at different hotels in the park so I wasn’t in the car driving too much. After spending my first two nights at Yellowstone Lake Lodge on the east side of the park, I headed to my second destination, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, in the northwest corner. Heading out before dawn, I planned to stop at the Old Faithful Geyser to explore the area. I knew that a storm was heading toward the area, so I was hoping to get to Old Faithful before the rain. Just about halfway, I spotted this scene off to my right, and I knew that I had to stop to catch the great light and reflection. I don’t know the name of this pond, but I am glad I stopped.