Yosemite Falls - Yosemite National Park, California

Going through some old photos of my trips, I came across this one of Yosemite Falls from 2010. Yosemite National Park is my favorite National Park in the US and I am sad to say that it has been over six years since I have been back there. I definitely have to remedy that next year. My buddies, Jeff Clow and Steve Somers informed me that the falls were dry last October when they visited due to the drought in Northern California. I can't imagine being in Yosemite and not hearing the roaring of the waterfall that never seems to stop. I just looked at the webcam of the falls and it looks like the drought has continued. According to the National Park website, the falls has been slowing to a trickle by the end of July. Let's hope that the weather patterns change and the rains return to California.