Zoomed Bloom

Sparta, New Jersey

One of the challenges that face many photographers is that they get into a rut. I consider myself a travel and landscape photographer that loves to capture the beautiful places that I am lucky enough to visit. That is why I like shooting with other photographers that have different ways of looking at things and challenge your creativity. That is one of the reasons that I frequently sign up for Denise Ippolito’s workshops. Not only is Denise a phenomenal bird and flower photographer, she just oozes creativity.

At her Sunflower Workshop last year, she suggested that I try zooming during my exposure. I had experimented with that technique in the film days with not much luck. With the digital cameras and their immediate feedback on the screen, it is easy to play around and see the results immediately. After experimenting a bit with the zooming technique, I got this image that I am very pleased with.

Thanks Denise. Check out her great work and workshops here.