A Church With a View - Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

How many churches have this type of view of a bay and rugged mountains? In fact, how many churches sit on a small islet in a bay that is over 17 miles long with a shoreline of more than 66 miles of shoreline? I know of only this one, namely The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks in the country of Montenegro. Like most ancient places, there is a story attached to the islet. According to legend, the islet was created by seamen who were keeping an ancient oath after finding an icon of Madonna and Child on a rock there. After each voyage, they would lay a rock in there until the islet was formed. The original church was built there in 1452, with the current church replacing it in 1632.

It shouldn't be surprising that a church was built there. The country of Montenegro is very small (just about the size of Connecticut) and is made up of mostly rugged mountains. While it is home to only about 620,000 people, the most amazing fact is that it has 365 churches. So having a church in the middle of a huge bay shouldn't be that surprising.