Ruggedness - Mount Norquay, Banff National Park, Alberta

One of the great joys of photography is finding an unexpected subject that captivates you. Don't think that finding subjects is pure luck, it's not. Properly scouting a location requires lots of research ahead of time and knowing not only where to shoot but what time of day to shoot. There are many apps out there that help with this research and Google search helps quite a bit. Another source of information is 500px, where there are many excellent photos of just about every location on Earth. You can often discover where a location is, what time of day it was shot, and what the weather conditions were by looking at a photo's metadata. You also get a feel of the different compositions that others have shot.

With all that, luck does play a part in getting a photo (especially with weather condition). This shot of Mount Norquay was quite unexpected. We were shooting sunrise at Two Jack Lake and and a few of us decided to walk around the right side of the lake for different compositions of Mount Rundle reflected in the lake. As we turned a corner, I spotted this view opposite of where we were looking. It turns out that it is a view of the back of Mount Norquay that we didn't know could be seen from the Two Jack lakeshore. The light and shadows really pulled out the details of the ruggedness of the Canadian Rockies.