Abandoned Farmhouse - Oaksdale, Washington

The Palouse is home to some of the most fertile farmland in the United States. Sixty percent of the estimated two million acres that make up the Palouse are farmland that have active crops growing. To my eyes, this sounds low, but I will go with it. Given the size of this farmland, of course there will be farmhouses that dot the landscape, although you can drive many miles without seeing one.  Of these farmhouses, there are many that have been abandoned. It makes one wonder why these are so and what happened to the farmers who once lived there. Suffice to say, they still sit on private land, but there are often no signs telling you so. This particular abandoned farmhouse was somewhere near Oaksdale and the grass surrounding it was quite tall. A number of us went to the open windows and took some shots of the interior. Given the high dynamic range of the scene, I shot a nine-bracket series of images and processed this in Lightroom 6's new HDR Merge process.