Fields of Green - Colfax, Washington

Almota Road, Colfax, Washington

On my last full day in the Palouse, I was by myself, and I decided just to drive around and explore the area. After grabbing breakfast before sunrise (before 5:00am), I headed south out of Colfax in the direction of Almota. Along the way, I could have stopped every five minutes to shoot the outstanding scenery. I tried to identify areas that were different than what I had seen earlier in the week. Somewhere along Almota Road, I spotted this section of fields that had some great "wheel" patterns. I also liked the one-lane dirt road that led my eyes past the lone tree and seemingly to the brown field in the distance. This is what makes the Palouse so cool to shoot. The shape of the mounds and hills, coupled with the very few trees and dirt roads, makes every mile unique.