Dijon Mustard Sky - Colfax, Washington

Sorry about the title of this photo, but after almost 800 blog posts, unique titles are getting harder to come by. As you can see in this photo, not every field in the Palouse is green. We had discovered this field the day before, but this time it was later in the morning and the light wasn't ideal. We returned during the evening hours, and we had better light and much better clouds. We had originally thought that the field was a canola field, but discovered after shooting it that it was actually a dijon mustard field. It was a challenge for us shorter people to get a good view of the field (we couldn't find a high vantage from the road) so I climbed up onto the step of my  rental car and shot over the car roof. While I would have loved to have been able to capture the full bottom of the tree, it was impossible from our (or any) vantage point.