Above the Clouds - Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

I have been posting many of my Palouse images over the past two week. I almost forgot that I stopped for a couple of nights at Mount Rainier at the start of my trip. I stayed in the Paradise Inn and, when I got there after driving from Seattle, there was no sign of the mountain. The clouds totally obscured it and the fog was pretty thick. I had been there a couple of times before with the same result. When I got up in the morning before sunrise, I planned to head to Reflection Lake to catch the morning light hit the mountain. The mountain was visible from the hotel, but when I got to the lake, guess what? No mountain. So back to the Inn, and I realized it was the valley that was fogged in, not the mountain. I headed up the Skyline Trail, turned around and saw this terrific scene showing the valley with a blanket of fog covering it. I quickly became a fan of the fog.